Happy 4th of July!

I am traveling to Lake WaBeGone in Melrose Minnesota (to the heart of the Midwest)…I will post only a few times in the next 10 days…even though I live on this beautiful island of Maui…I really love my yearly trips to the Midwest on 4th of July entering into the heartland…where pride is a 4 letter word..meaning LOVE of our country…being from Michigan..it brings me back to boat parades..river rafting..fishing..water balloons..barbecues.. and family gatherings..visiting my friends family..very similar to mine..(yet Mom transitioned in 2005)…so I adapted my friends Mom as my Midwest Mom…

At this holiday time…(and always)..hug your loved ones..smile bunches..have pride for our freedom..find peace in your heart ..create a beautiful holiday weekend! Much love to all..Heart to Heart Robyn

7 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July!

    • WOW that is awesome!!! I have the Midwest in my blood! I remember you lived in Michigan also! I get so grounded back there! What city do you live in? I will be picking up the connection even stronger! heart to heart Robyn


      • Minneapolis. Have never lived in MI, but WI. If you guys get bored, drop me a line! (I grew up on a farm in southern MN)


      • Yes we will see if we head off to the city…There is a cool bike trail we are going to hunt down! I remember now you went on a quest or something in Michigan My girlfriends Mom and one brother still have farmland there! thanks for the possibility!


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