Lifting The Veil….

IMG_1505News of my husbands 56 year old sister passing away tonight was like a dream…the interesting thing was I was driving when my husband called me…I put the phone down and a swarm of birds surrounded my car…Renate was sending me a message of beauty..although it was unexpected how she past in her sleep…my husband looked at me when I got home and said..”what a peaceful place she is at now”…we felt we had both lifted the veil between the here and now in this dream we were having… and could reach her …we will celebrate her life and hold the torch of light for all those who will miss her…we love you Renate…come visit us as we lift the veil to reach you and you us…we feel you here with us…as we do not question that your journey brought you to this eternal now…where you live in our hearts forever…thank-you for helping us reach this ageless… timeless… eternal space…

We are are dancing with you…Heart to heart Robyn and Hoppy

8 thoughts on “Lifting The Veil….

    • Thank you so for taking the time to comment and read about this…I had a near death experience which I posted about when I was 4 years old…. I believe this helps me reach the spiritual beyond…I will write more on this in the future…Heart to Heart Robyn


    • Thank you David..She danced in the light with me last night…I feel so grateful…Heart to Heart Robyn

      She told me she would guide us today to tell the parents..she did just that and we were amazed at how well they both took it at 84 years old….


  1. Oh, what a beautiful post!! 🙂 It gave me a mental image of the three of you dancing happily together on a feild of poppies 🙂 I am sure the Angels are taking good care of her 🙂 ❤

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    • Thank you so much Line for your sweet comment..YES she did visit me in the bright bright dancing LIGHT last night…Her parents are doing very well as we gave them the news today…Heart to heart Robyn..
      .I was able to tell Mom she came to me..and it really helped
      I feel so be connected to her


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