Earth Angel Insight-Day 35-Illusions

IMG_1251Illusions-a false idea or belief…a deceptive impression or appearance…a fellow blogger posted an article on the belief that many people believe is one perfect “soulmate” or person who could fulfill the fantasy of perfection in relationship…to my amazement…the belief is as high as 75 percent…therefore putting most relationships into a very precarious the minute the relationship does not meet that expectation…poof…out the door.. one or both may go…

Do not get me wrong when we attract a very dark side of ourselves that has not been healed up..sometimes poof ..gone… is the only way to get to our next level of healing…as a wayseer..every word we speak to another is someplace inside us..every moment of darkness or light is an opportunity to heal..every time we allow for another to heal around us..we are healed

Then and only then will we come into our relationships with honoring all parts of ourselves…I too went through a divorce to find my light..he reflected to me all that I was to heal up…and without our darkness together I would not have known the light I know now…There is no blame… shame… guilt …pain…or loss when we KNOW..this is our creation…as it relates to all of our life…

We will attract EXACTLY that which we call out to our universal mirror…when we find ourselves in the light…darkness will show itself..yet this time we recognize it as a darkness flowing through us…thus the light can continue to shine…we now have enough light bodies on the planet to have instant healing…powerful peace… and love that no outside influence can shake…

Many of us chose to come in to BE WITH all of our illusions to have compassion and be the gatekeepers…as the truth be told…we create it longer the illusion of what he or she did to me..yet the THANK YOUS for showing us our darkness…stepping into our light…no longer at EFFECT of what seems to be outside of ourselves..the ILLUSION of the perfect person is really about our own illusion of self…

I am married to my best friend..yet have no attachments to him being the perfect mate…as we have agreed to share each others journey together… there is only the openness of that which I reflect ….holding the torch of light for all humanity is what I chose to BE..with no attachments to how it shows up for another…Heart to heart Robyn

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