Earth Angel Insight Day 34—Thrive

IMG_1297Thrive—flourish..prosper..blossom…bloom…advance…succeed…what a wonderful place to be coming from…some of you..through posts you have written and I have responded to…know that I chose an interesting path…I was given many challenges..being a highly “sensitive” being …growing up in a very closed mouthed traditional family…I spoke when I was spoken to…and my experience with spiritual “GENIUS” was limited to Sunday School..where I was told we were all sinners…I was confused by my visions…my spirit sensitivity to other dimensions…

So what better way I thought to make it through it here… than to DIVE into 3D …becoming one of the group of misfits..( feeling separate)..looking to fit in.. do not get me wrong..I used my abilities to exit and travel out of my body..yet never really meeting “ANYONE” to talk about spiritual enlightenment or shamanic journeys…It was as if being here meant shove it all in this dense 3D space and figure it out…

I found that shoving it all “IN” had me reach 3 severe breaking points in my life …without much awareness of why I was having these huge breaks in “Reality”…as a fellow blogger posted..the Shaman views a breakdown as a “blessing” for spiritual others (ancients) work with us to connect in spirit form to be the “healers” the “way seers” the “gate keepers”….sometimes taking many years to “see” this because of free will..(ego)

Allowing for our DIVINE CALLING to come through…no matter how others may perceive it…is “THRIVING” …we step into the flow in every area of our lives…no longer is it a curse to “BE DIFFERENT”…yet a blessing…where what others think about us is really none of our business..yet living as if HUMANITY has been waiting for us to simple be a guide…a bright light…a beam…a blossom…blooming …and I might add..this may show up very traditional…genius lies in the question one can ask of oneself…with unlimited answers as to how to fulfill that question…”What is my piece of the matrix of humanity?”…the collective…what shows up in our “eternal” way of “BEING” that continues to “THRIVE”…even without my currant physical form here…where being still is easy…not in my body no longer moving..yet our collective stillness in divine spiritual connection…as it shines through…and EVERTHING is BRIGHTER…The GOLDEN AGE EMERGES BY allowing for our longer hiding out..yet we shift from seekers…to divinely perfect..allowing our DNA to shift into our true crystilline nature…we enter 5D and above…Thank you for participating on this journey of thriving with me….

Heart to Heart Robyn

4 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 34—Thrive

  1. David Thank You for the reblog…its always much appreciated! after only 2 1/2 months of blogging.. you have really helped me connect to a very large community,,,and I always love reading what you post!… Heart to Heart Robyn


    • Thank you!!…it seems to flow husband listens first to my posts and he said.”.that really had me go deep”..I appreciate your feedback…..Staying in balanced light…Thriving…with feet on the ground …Heart to heart Robyn


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