Learning to Live without Expectations of Outcomes

Without expectations…Thank you Brooke from Kundalini Spirit!

Journey of Awakening


Many in the spiritual community have intuitive and psychic abilities.  Of those, some have the ability to see visions of the past and future. This can be a blessing and a curse for many as it can make spiritual practice more difficult; let me explain.  In spiritual practice, we seek to release ego since our ego strives for certain outcomes to meet our desires and dependencies as it derives its power from controlling everyone and everything around us. When we seek these outcomes in our lives, we suffer as we become disappointed, disillusioned, and upset when these outcomes don’t materialize in our lives.  Living without expectations of outcomes free us from these desires and dependencies.

As an intuit or psychic, we may be able to see future events and situations. For those of us who have not released ego, we will attempt to control these outcomes as we believe we…

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