Earth Angel Insight-Day 31-Reflection

IMG_0115I am welcoming myself back into the blogging world! I have had 8 days of reflection…silent time for me.. even with my daily activities.. I was able to integrate enough quiet time to listen …which is why I went into silence…I was unsure of bringing in the grounding it takes to speak about my silent journey yet…here it goes…

When I came to you in silence.. I heard you all speak to me telepathically…where outer world distractions are only a faint whisper….from this inner world.. I would open my reader.. and see a passage of exactly what I was thinking… hence my title here called reflection…this reflection is from our spiritual world…

If you are reading this you have already raised your vibration to that of 5D…the reflection of Love…many of us have been using our telepathic abilities.. As a Muse.. Wayseer… Light Reflection ..Angel Reflection.. name it what you want.. we have helped clear the way for our “New Earth”..

We are spiritual beings.. Our Mother Earth is calling us to connect…and reflect to each other the love in our hearts.. the choice is ours to flow into this higher vibration and have life literally show us all that we have desired…we are coming together into this universal reflection…setting down our differences.. no longer hanging on to the reflections of lack…seeing our reflection as magnificence made all its forms

I see beauty in all beings.. with love for each in a world that supports Mother Earth… I shed tears of joy for humanity as we are just beginning to “all” feel the Golden Age just beginning.. believe in humanity my friends .. we are able to bring this love to earth now.. moving from Carbon Based beings into…Crystalline Beings..that reflect back Love and Light

I feel I can speak and put into words these reflections little by little as we integrate this New Earth …for all who have touched my soul and whom I have touched theirs …I thank you.. as we take this journey together…

Heart to heart Robyn

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