Earth Angel Insight Day 29-BEING

IMG_1554Waking up..loving up…living up…BEING…as I contemplate this simple state…I look around and EVERYTHING is bright…Full of LIFE…ever expressing itself…as if my inner core is just as connected to life as a new born baby seeing the world for the first time…

My first experience with this blissful state of being…was when I had my near death experience…(4 years old) and all I felt was bliss…I kept thinking to myself…there is something I must “DO” to get back to that state..that feeling of being so connected..where nothing but creation itself was inside of me…pondering…seeking…joining this and that group…reading everything I could put my hands on…attending church…and still feeling incomplete…living in dualism…

Fast forward 50 years later…surrendering…BEING in full acceptance of self…unconditional with oneself…and BANG…nothing to get…realizing all of life…without exception is in all of us…I was already “THERE”…taking this U TURN to the everyday blissful state called life…No longer feeling the need for correction of self…or of others…with no dualism…feeling that eternal life..this state of BEING..was possible here on earth…with no need to “GO” anywhere…resting in the silence inside..where no past or future exist..I say YES

Gratitude for this ageless timeless eternal now…”BEING”…Heart to Heart Robyn

10 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 29-BEING

  1. A really good read. There are so many people that have experienced a NDE and for me it really changed my life. I often feel homesick for that place.
    Thank you for sharing this one. with your readers.<3


    • Thank you for coming into my blog and connecting…have you shared your experience? I would love to hear about it! We have formed quite a community of high frequency beings here in our blogging world…I am looking forward to following yours!


  2. Reblogged this on Ascension Angels and commented:
    Robyn, this made my day… Resonance… I “died and came back” 3 times in this life… 1968 – drowning… 1995 – bike accident… 2001 – pneumonia… I kept trying to leave… and kept getting sent back… since I was given a mission to fulfill with with my Twin Flame… And life continues in a perpetual sate of BEING 😉 Thank you 🙂


    • You are welcome …Wow I just saw this comment as I have been in Meditation so much of my days since you commented here..divine timing for me to see this now.. I am sure our connection to these NDE experiences were given to us to help in the bridge between our multidimensional living..when entering this space when I was younger…i basically “lost my mind”..connecting to all the pain..3D dimension was just to much for me to be with…so “BEING” in my body was challenging to say the least…I will write about these “realizations” in the future…as I have learned to come in and out of my mind has become completely quiet…with embracing all that “IS”…I would venture to say you have had similar we are the wayseers..gatekeepers..bridges…for humanity…to enter 5D and above…entering into 13 is the highest dimension…to come back in and out for me..this is where instant healing is manifest..the gap is entered into with love…as I see your twin flame connection …”BEING” made manifest….LOVE LOVE LOVE our connection…Heart to Heart Robyn.

      spiritual “genius” comes from divinity made manifest through openness to all that “IS” the place of “I” becomes Eternal BEINGNESS…gratitude for our vibration connection


      • Wow Robyn… such love, peace and deep resonance I feel reading these words… I knew there was something special about you! Much gratitude too 😀 “Heart to Heart” David ❤


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