Earth Angel Insight Day 27-Intuition

IMG_1522So intuition is an amazing non-linear place to connect…a place that opens the doors to limitless potential…yet much of our industrialized world can numb us out of this universal consciousness …this place of enormous possibilities…

Until we wake up and realize something…our intuition is what brings in our creativity…it is the master over the linear part of our thinking…then we no longer have long drawn out discussions about what’s next …yet live in the light of the ever flowing uniqueness of our intuition…

We begin to trust again…going with what feels right to us… We connect.. no longer from the past…yet from the this peaceful place…called intuition it guides us in our every day life…

I recently spent 5 days in silence going about my life and connecting to this place inside I call home… Being guided to all the miraculous insights I received …waking up more and more …the part of me that says …”you are pure potentiality…ageless timeless eternal being”…no longer controlled by your past and what you think you know… Yet coming from your sacred space…where all of life is a miraculous tapestry…with no limitations…

So I invite you all to wake up your asking to be guided rather than knowing the answer…just seeing where your intuitive guidance takes you..

Heart to Heart Robyn

9 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 27-Intuition

    • Sharon…Kindred spirits we are…silence in between our words bring us even closer…thank you for your depth..
      Your spirit has me go deeper and I appreciate who you are being!

      Heart to Heart Robyn


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