Would You Take It?

This post is an insight into what if? Very thought provoking from fellow blogger Sharon…

Awakening Angels

Be Happy, Anxiety, stress-free, When you are right in it you can’t always see the bigger picture.

Imagine if everything going on in your life was happening exactly as it should be? What if a change in perspective was all that was required for you to be happy and carefree, right now?

Would you take it?

Think about something going on in your life at the moment, an area you might worry or stress about, such as; not feeling good enough, not having enough money, a conflict with another person, feeling too overweight, lonely or unlovable. Hold that thought for just a moment, while you ask; What if this was exactly as it should be? What would I gain from it being that way? If you chose this exact situation, why would that be? 

Notice what answers you receive and write them down. How did you feel when you viewed this situation as just…

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