Earth Angel Insight-Day 26-Flexibility

IMG_1297Having been back in Maui only 2 days out of the last 20…I have practiced flexibility in 3 time zones… 5 different sleeping locations…7 different airplanes and twice (one at my daughters graduation in California…the another at a Journey concert in Dallas)…surrounding myself with thousands of people…

I have had many different opportunities for flexibility…being aware that no matter what is happening in the moment… the experience is determined by my flexibility ..not so much what is happening…yet who I am being… as things present themselves.. everything unfolds under the tapestry I create…so even with fires..tornado warnings..thunderstorms..( which can also represent people as well )…I am aware of who I am being…which comes to me loud and clear…BE FLEXIBLE… allow creation .. then all of life has no set definition..just opportunity…to BE who you choose to be…

P.S. Fires…we went to an all you can eat lobster dinner with no crowd..
Tornado warning..stayed at the golf event and joined a private party
Thunderstorm.. walked in the rain and cooled off before an amazing Journey Concert…


11 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight-Day 26-Flexibility

    • You are welcome! I just came back into blog today as flexibility to work around hurricanes and tropical storms has been interesting…Heart to heart Robyn I will drop into your blog soon


  1. So true Lorrie.. Love being the frequency …all about why I write Earth Angel Insights.. Where fear is a distant memory.. Connecting to our universal truth….Glad you saw Journey!! I think Steve Perry is Happy.. Heard he cannot hit those high notes anymore!… Heart to Heart Robyn


  2. So many travels and experiences…wow! I love this post and I love that you “rolled with it baby!” It sounds like you had the best time…and that is because you were flexible. It reminds me of my 50th birthday trip…The east coast had an earthquake (which we really felt in Va.Beach) We drove to a hotel that was 10 miles from the epicenter because we were going to see Mary Chapin Carpenter at a botanical garden… (there was a massive thunderstorm and tornado warning…but she still played!! (We slept through major aftershocks both nights) and then we drove up the coast back home with a hurricane chasing us!! It was my most memorable and enjoyable birthday ever…for many reasons…but mostly because we just went with it! Thanks for sparking an awesome memory…and for the great advice 🙂


    • Lorrie …Yep your trip was like mine! I love the fact that she still played! And the hurricane was chasing you…it was my brothers birthday with the San Diego fires and my sisters birthday with the tornado and lightening thunderstorms… Our seats at the Journey concert it soaked right through my pants.. And they did not hesitate to play either! We will all remember this vacation together! Heart to heart Lorrie… I love your journeys as well!


      • Truly wonderful memories!! I also know that the energy we were surrounded by was “love”…we never allowed “fear” to enter.
        And, I saw Journey last year…and they were fantastic! The new lead guy did a really good job, not quite Steve Perry, but good!


  3. A beautiful reminder of how we choose our own lives and can make them as good as we want them to be by our reactions to each experience. Thank you, Robyn, for commenting on my post about this very similar theme! With love, Meliza x

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