Earth angel Insight Day 24-Sight

IMG_1418 Leaving for Texas in two hours and wanted to post about what is sight? There are all kinds of interpretations to what we see externally…yet when we really “turn on” our sight…we find that all sight comes from within…

Understanding this ability to create sight within…is what has us truly “wake up”…the external comings and goings are all wonderful…yet when I sit in the world of internal sight…all of life is available…there are no limits to this kind of sight…only expanding one’s own consciousness… into the vastness of the unknown…as this is the place I call “nothing”…where I do not “know” …therefore I see…

It is a wonderful experience to come from this place …so ask yourself.. Can I be still enough inside to “not know”.. to just “BE”?…as sight becomes the universal consciousness of all creation…when we clear our mind of “knowing” and come from “nothing”…this is truly “SIGHT”…then all of creation is available to us…

Heart to Heart Robyn

4 thoughts on “Earth angel Insight Day 24-Sight

    • I definitely resonate with you and your blog as well …thank you for taking the time to comment and honor “our” depth. in the “nothing’ space….I will be coming into your blog often! Heart To Heart Robyn


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