Earth Angel Insight Day 23-Integration

IMG_1289We made it back to Maui…late last night…finding myself whirling with great moments…wanting to share so much…yet finding that when I integrate my thoughts and feelings…I can speak them in less words with greater impact…

Being at my brothers…integrating family that had not all been together for 8 years …priceless…helping to bring calm to myself and others as we were surrounded by the northern San Diego fires…thankful…IMG_1242

On to Aly’s (My Daughters) graduation… the last 8 years…(including all the honors and AP courses of high school) prepping to become an engineer… as a young adult of 21… being so inspired…that I spelled inspiration wrong on my original post a couple days ago!

I was able to integrate in myself the power of love that a parent has for their child…realizing that my love for her is really beyond words…we have had many moments of our past would indicate that we have our differences…yet this is no longer of any importance…as I see that my struggles came within ME…as I recognize that the mirrors of the tapestry of my life in front of me…gave me my courage… my ability to go within…as the darkness of my days have also led me to the stars…grounding me …in this magnificent eternal now…

IMG_1369Lastly we ended our stay in Yosemite…the most miraculous place I have ever seen…inspired by the vastness and beauty of this great earth of ours…seeing also through the depth of my husbands eyes.. . I feel that I engulfed its majestic nature…integrating it into my soul… being reminded…we are one…universal consciousness exploding from the eyes of freshness within…I feel its serenity…saying thank you to this moment of integration…coming back into my daily life with a sense of stillness…being aware of my wholeness…

IMG_1355We vibrate at the level of our souls journey.. perfect in its timing…for me this seems to be in alignment with no longer feeling separation…our conscious and unconscious choices help us step into integration with ourselves…having no set destination….yet being aware of this eternal now…Heart to heart Robyn

4 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 23-Integration

  1. Robyn you express yourself so beautifully! I love the photos and your expression of love for your daughter. We love those close to us but when we go within we find that Love is there embracing us and allowing us to be one. Namaste.


    • Thank you so much for summing up what I have revealed to myself… I really appreciate your taking the time to comment… I love how you express as well..looking forward to reading.more from you!. In oneness
      Heaet to Heart


  2. Such spectacular landscape. I have never been to Yosemite, but this certainly inspires one to go. About your personal epiphanies ~ you are so adept at conveying the profundity of the human experience.

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