Earth Angel Insight Day 20-Wealth

IMG_0659Wealth…in the old earth vibration was tied to money…yet our new earth VIBRATION tells us …WE are WEALTH!!!
It has nothing to do with what you make..look like…created…felt like..stood for..or even loved…Wealth is INSIDE us.. it asks us permission to
shine..and when we stay open… all life is wealthy…

Stepping into this vibration…has us relax into all the amazing gifts we came to share with each other…we can explore all we came to offer..leaving us with the satisfaction that nothing can be taken or given …

Heart to Heart Robyn

5 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 20-Wealth

  1. So glad to have found you also.. I will be back in Maui soon to look at your no good internet where I am in Yosemite .. Looking forward to seeing more from you! Heart to heart Robyn


    • Hi Sherri…Going to go into your blog now…I am inspired by others…post your paintings…as what we share changes the world for the positive…It took me a while to get into my computer and to reply to your I was away from Maui for 12 days with only phone internet..thank you for following! Heart to Heart Robyn


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