Earth Angel Insight Day 19- Change

It is my 6th week as a blogger and I am so Grateful to so many amazing people I have connected to…with 54 followers…and over 500 views… I just want to say thank-you for welcoming me into your world
Heart to Heart Robyn

Angel Frequency

IMG_1180 So much of our lives we talk about the changes we go through… some changes seem big…some seem small…yet change is the constant in our lives..
I am leaving tomorrow to go to my daughters college graduation… WOW…seems like yesterday she was heading off to college…ready to open up her world…she took that change and just expanded and learned and created so much…I am so proud of her contribution to everyone in her life..I open my arms as they expand into wings… as she goes on her way to her next destination in Austin Texas as an engineer…

Leaving to go witness this change..having whatever emotions I may have about it… seeing so much beyond the details…there is one common denominator … change is always there…seeing ourselves connecting together …we can harmonize in universal consciousness and experience every change as a wonderful tapestry of life’s IN foldment…no matter how it…

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