Earth Angel Insight-Day 12-Ease

IMG_1521 Notice I did not say easy..ease is a whole different world… it might not seem easy to work 13 hours or take care of a sick parent or child…yet being in the intention of ease…means that all of life unfolds with ease no matter what is going on externally…

At this moment…I am laughing inside…I spent 11 hours at earth day yesterday..helping a friend… some conversations were not easy and setting up and taking down of all the equipment… could have been tiring for most..yet in BEING EASE… even though my day ended at home 13 hours later with at least 20 conversations..answering questions..assisting others… I was still coming from ease…listening to a friend until well into the night…I chuckled as all the energy of my day was not dependent on the chaos of the day… So I say Thank you… Source (God) for limitless… ageless… timeless.. vibration…

Heart to Heart Robyn

One thought on “Earth Angel Insight-Day 12-Ease

  1. I want to thank so many of you for coming to me with such warmth and open hearts.. as I officially just made 30 days of blogging! your comments have all been inspiring..and heartfelt.. Thank you Heart to Heart Robyn

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