Earth Angel Insight Day 11- Detached Uncertainty

IMG_1231Detached Uncertainty…yikes…now I will go even deeper into this New Earth energy…uncertainty with detachment…both words
separate or together can have multiple meanings..yet for us to really experience this place of all possibilities…both seem to come together hand in hand…expressing themselves through feeling the experience…my friend asked me today…how can you explain it to others…

At first telling him its an experience… I really do not know… yet I went on to explain to him… the past is an illusion..and there is no Karma..we do not have to WORK at ANYTHING..when we simply just come from nothing…

As I looked at his face…I realized he was baffled by what I was see most of us (including me) have wanted to hang on to past beliefs..stories…Coming from nothing?… what the heck is that? … explaining to him when we have no attachments to our past… and stay out of the future ..we can create…in this moment…

I told him by going into our past (our surest form of neurosis), creating the same thing over and over again..and expecting there would be a different result…is quite a dilemma… if awareness of this preponderance has eluded us…we get really tired

Hence the shift…as I seem to be shifting to this level of complete awareness..where my words are like air balloons..watching them float..and I catch myself almost immediately when I am speaking from my PAST (neurosis), or future (psychosis)…

Is my awareness simply an illusion as well?…and the answer that comes is… it is an illusion if you make it about you… as “oneness” is home for all of us… we are ALL equal… and ego simply drifts away…leaving us with perfection..that eludes no if we are seeing through the eyes of pure spirit..we create the miraculous…realizing that all of life is a miracle..

Then what is detached uncertainty?…both of these words can trigger an emotional response if we are coming from ego (separate) wanting things to be the way that they have always been (past)..or wanting things to be different (future).. we can create a hamster like effect running around on a wheel..yet never really going anywhere…

So how CAN we shift?…it really is simple..we step into all possibilities when we become aware…the intention of paying attention.. to only this moment… with no past and no future defining us…BEING detached uncertainty.. coming from NOTHING… where all life IS…unlimited possibilities…..where intention meets the miraculous..where all of life is possible…we simply say each and every one of us is amazing..

Heart to Heart Robyn IMG_1522

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