Earth Angel Insight Day 10- Power Within

I Wanted to Repost this for Angel Insight Day 10

Angel Frequency

IMG_0400</a A 5D Warrior

As I went about my Day… I saw and felt peace FULL warriors in action…I had re read the book the 10th insight from the Celestine Prophecy…and I was fully uniting with its content…having a feeling of excitement…the message was clear…raise your vibration by going into that peaceful place inside…

As my day unfolded…another message came in…when someone attacks you …come back with peace…there is no room for the ego to challenge by attacking back…peace is the path of the 5D angel…the way seer..the bridge for all humanity…and yes step up and BE the example.

This way of BEING had not always been my reaction…as a woman of what I thought was strength…I would challenge with words as fast as they would come… any action that I thought was a perceived attack…sometimes even taking a physical warrior stance… if the situation seemed to require it.


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