Earth Angel Insight Day 8-Abundance

IMG_0846 So here we are coming into our own… with this big influx of light… into our universal consciousness..integrating what we are experiencing…after my blog yesterday on trusting to communicate my experience…also realizing thatnumber 7 is all about trust and openness…I said “so what is day 8 bringing”…and the word that came up was 8 not only symbolizes infinity…it symbolizes abundance..

After clearing up any breakdown of trust I may have had …I focused on easy effortless abundance…which
has found its doors opening to me as I open to it…after 34 years of going into traditional work as a dental hygienist ..this week Thursday will be my last full time week of work…and I am overjoyed …I feel an abundance of energy surge through me as I contemplate the many possibility’s…

You see abundance to me comes in so many forms…there is abundance of money of course… which I am open to receiving…and it sure helps to have something so easy to exchange…yet I want to explore the abundance of living in universal consciousness…and to be honest…I think this is just the beginning…as we tap into the hearts of each other..and connect…the doors seem to fly open…I have already met so many awesome people in the last 28 days as a blogger..that I feel we are already making a difference…as this abundant world is all around us.. and is welcoming us… beyond any kind of boundaries…religions…looks…age…sex…beliefs…we are connecting heart to heart… as so much of the history of fear is DROPPING away like a past that will no longer be needed…courage to communicate…feeling free to share…saying I love you to someone when they share from their heart… its all inside us …waiting for us to open to infinity…starting with love of self…

I am excited for the knowing that things are changing… as my friend from Pakistan stated “what if all leaders came from love in their hearts” … Now that’s Abundance!

Heart to Heart Robyn

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