Earth Angel Insight-Day 7-Trust

IMG_0467 WOW…what a day this morning has become…The emotion of the influx of light…the power of
love that is surging through me..and the trust that I have stepped into.. to share what I am about to share..
Yesterday I saw the Movie “Heaven is Real”… I call it “The Lyght is Real”..and I thought Ok.. a perfect ending to a Easter Sunday…yet really questioning what this movie would stir up in me.. after my near death experience…I had when I was 4..this may open my flood gates..

As it turned out it did..I turned on my computer and a fellow blogger named Terry..whom I did not come to meet until this morning…shared about how she was making a bucket list…how it was her birthday..and how she had lost her dear friend AL…I discovered as I read that Terry had MS…and as a step mom to a daughter who has CP.. I was engulfed in her message…I received LOUD and CLEAR…share with her.. your near death experience…which I did ..and then promised myself I would share it here…I may have typos as I write this as it is written from my heart to yours…I died and came back when I was 4 years old (after I fell into a 16 foot dry well) backwards on my head…..

While in the hospital.. I rose up out of my body.. and watched the doctors working frantically on my head…This was 1960…and this was THE ONLY Neurosurgeon in the Hundreds of mile radius around mother who was in shock.. had fainted…and my father was exhausted.. after becoming my ambulance driver.. he was sleeping in the waiting room…I could see all this…I rose up into this incredible white light and I was BLANKETED in Gods arms…the bliss.. calm…peace.. I felt was indescribable…and I heard this angelic voice say come with me…as I walked with my Dads grandmother…I sat in a circle of angels and no one spoke…we just smiled at each other…then very quickly I said “I want to stay”… I was told you are not done yet… Gods voice rang through me…go back and tell them all is well…I still hesitated ..yet almost as instant as my experience ..I was back in my body…awake in my hospital bed…with no pain..yet wondering where I had just gone…I saw my grandfather out the window with paper dolls…with my 2 baby sisters…my brother must have been in school..and I felt safe…

Because my mother never really attended church… and my father attended because he felt he had to…I did not share my experience with my family…
Yet now that I feel I can start to trust myself to share this experience… I believe I came back to comfort people…knowing that we are ageless…timeless…eternal beings… and that I am here to share these messages…today is the beginning of that TRUST… for me to step out of my own shackles…YOU are loved…I will continue to share… Heart to Heart Robyn

2 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight-Day 7-Trust

    • ..I appreciate so much your comment and following my blog..I am working on getting over to your blog…as my computer was having trouble yesterday I am learning to follow other blogs and comment on the pages ..and so happy to be sharing with you! Heart to heart Robyn


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