Earth Angel Insight Day 5-Light

Today I was involved in an All DAY Maui Yoga Conference…working with a friend..watching people heal themselves…

Lightness and light filled the canopy we were working under focus was on being completely present.. nothing else existed…
as my energy was unlimited… all of the prior insights of the week came into play …BE OPEN…REST…FLOW with the
Day… as it was unfolding…BE CLEAR…having clarity about my intentions…thoughts moved completely to universal consciousness..
BE THE LIGHT…and these words kept repeating themselves…we are ALL EARTH ANGELS…every person was a complete gift… and with
tomorrow being a day of ascension…lets all focus on being our own Earth Angel..connected and liberated…Heart to Heart Robyn Adding to this post the worldwide positive meditation is happening now 231 Hawaii time

12 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 5-Light

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  2. This is lovely. The art of yoga and it’s practices are really taking off. People are starting to understand the personal connection it can play for each individual.

    I wish Mother Earth could try it, ha.

    Enjoy your day, and thank you for sharing.


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    • Thank you so much for following my blog and your contribution!!…world positive meditation in 10 minutes at 831 eastern time..when you get this send out your positive vibes my new cosmic connection! Heart to Heart Robyn


    • Thank you for asking about the conference… YES yoga helps people for both.. to center and calm into a spiritual resting place..
      and physically moving the body with discipline.. brings the mind still as well…The interesting thing
      that we did when we were there… after yoga when people came out of their sessions…my friend guided many through
      intuitive touch… on a massage table… back to what I call… our universal spark of LIGHT…he says people know how to heal themselves… all they need is a little guidance…many workers of this kind would be called a lightworker…yet now the language has evolved into Universal Consciousness…(Being Love) ..I hope I explained this well enough… as I so appreciate your connection to us here in Maui..and send you love and light…from one Earth Angel to Another… Heart to Heart Robyn
      Your huge spark of light changes our universe…


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