Earth Angel Insight..Day 3-Flow

IMG_0027Being the observer…allows for all of life to flow…so what does that mean to someone who flows…flowing in ones life means no attachment..and this is where the shift happens…there is no qualifications for how someone shows up in our lives… and we can honestly live from a place of love of self…there can be complete chaos happening..yet when we are centered in ourselves…we shine our light and simply BE…life unfolds…

This is when magical synchronicity…becomes our reality…when we ride this wave…it is as if the people places and things in our lives were placed there in perfect timing…and we become aware of the connections to all of life…universal consciousness has us listen very intently to our messages..they are literally coming from within us…as people share with us exactly what we always knew …that we are creating our reality… NO mistakes…so enjoy the ride…see your answers unfold and thank everyone for their contribution…even when we may be confused by their response…
we are assisting each other… all evolving in our own perfect timing…where no one is considered less than or more than..yet miraculous.. ONE in the same….Heart to Heart Robyn

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