Side note after side note

A gifted Angel at 20 years old …encouraging her and others to express and step out…
More and more as our New Earth opens the door to self expression. ..take a moment to check out her blog…Heart to Heart Robyn


Ok so I feel like I left off on a cliff hanger or something earlier, so I feel I should “finish” the post… I think…

I’m supposed to be studying for final exams you know, but I think I’ve been bottling up so much for so long and now that I have a “vessel” for communication, I just got to type.

So I say I have the “Gift of all 9 Yards” ….
What does this mean ?!

Well! I shall share with you my gifts in list form below…

  1. I see colours all day and all night (maybe all night): So yes I see auras.. yes I know how your feeling, what mood your in, where your hurt and what you are thinking. Auras are beautiful fluffy colours around anything that is living… so that includes tress, people, pets, etc. I think you get the point. For me, this…

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