My goals for 201 blogging


Hi guys I am pretty new to this blogging world.. yet feel up to the challenge and setting goals…all of which I am setting for 30 days

1) To BE an inspiration DAILY…writing daily…increasing my connections to other bloggers and sharing by 300 percent …learning to use the many tools….available to me as a blogger….to reach the world…connecting my angel frequency and angel vibration blogs together..

2) I want to start a blog series called Earth Angel Insights… the daily blog…creating a business plan…as a spiritual guide….to help others inspire themselves and others…to touch their hearts..

3) To learn from the experts how to be a successful blogger…opening to all the many possibilities…remaining AWE inspired by so many that have come before me…including helping those who are just starting….like me…

Thank you for all your help!!  Heart to heart Robyn 

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