Angel Intention.. Lunar Eclipse day…April 14-15th 2014

ImageEven though the Full Lunar Eclipse… starts here in Maui Monday the 9pm…..and 3am Tuesday the 15th on the East Coast…many have no idea what is about to happen..many will be peacefully asleep…yet all will be given this amazing influx of light…a magnetic pull of each and every human an opportunity to experience their highest vibration…as we join hands…and we concentrate on what we want..instantly seeing beyond our wildest dreams ..that we are forming our new earth..seeing..hearing…tasting..smelling..perceiving the beginning of our 5D collective consciousness… and joining the beginning of our oneness… hand and hand…

As a bridge for humanity..I will help people bridge over to our 5D crystalline being self’s…setting the intention to BE divinely loving..and honoring in myself and others… this process of coming home… culminating on April 20th.. into our Christ Consciousness.. back into our divine nature …one of pure love….Heart to Heart Robyn

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