The Push-Pull of the Eclipse…

Insights into our April frequency on The Eclipse coming up Tuesday

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Are you enjoying the energies of April?  The magnetic push/pull of the entire energy system is kinda crazy, kinda exciting and seems to be targeted at the brainwaves instead of the physical body.  After the first three months of this year, I don’t think the body can endure much more!!  I am also seeing that it is bringing out those wonderful spiritual abilities in people as well.  There is no time like now to really stretch your spiritual abilities, every molecule of life is ripe for it.

In the readings the last few days, I realized that the second phase of the triple sun release from the 3rd was underway.  I was able to see it so clearly with my clients across the pond two days ago and I couldn’t wait to write about it all, but man if I have been challenged waking up before 7am.  With my day…

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