What is a rainbow child ?

IMG_1565ANSWER.. WE ARE ALL RAINBOW CHILDREN.. as  the babies come in recently some are emitting frequencies of pure source “God” energy …many of us are drawn to these children… many of us have them in our families… they come in with amazing energy… fear has no power over them…they wake up happy..with the frequency of Lauve (love)..serenity…powers to shine the lyght (light).. as this is our true nature…our God light…so why do we have so many of these children now?..as we look through the history of vibrational frequencies on our planet ..these children can FINALLY come in…because we have raised frequencies with our God Lauve…pure source Lyght…BEING PURE SOURCE vibrational energy is what they share.. just by being here…the challenges for them is that they pick up all energies around them..as they are channels for us to see ourselves in the Lyght..many people will be bothered by so much pureness..as many ask the questions WHY? … it challenges the very beliefs of our egos…that is why… as they want drastic change…the rainbow child will work for the betterment  of our mother earth..as a natural part of their vibration… no longer having the fear of the prior vibrations…it is natural to experience change as normal.

Does this mean the energies and vibrations did not matter before?…NO… yet the energy from the past no longer serves us… as WE ALL  BECOME RAINBOW CHILDREN ..in alignment with the NEW EARTH..one of GOD centered “LAUVE” “LOVE”…we change…mother Gaia is slowing coming into alignment with our true nature…as the earth has been pulsing at much faster and higher frequency ..we all have the same opportunities to come into our GOD self or RAINBOW SELF..this is the reason for the PURE RAINBOW CHILD…as the Star Child and Indigo Child from the past  merge together with our  ” PURE GOD SOURCE”… ” the planet lyghts up to open the grids of unification and holographic matrixes …into the one mind..the brane world..bringing us all together in oneness..as we spread joy and love “LAUVE” to all…the choice is ours to align..as each has  “ETERNAL” life as its destiny.

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