What is transcendence?

IMG_1296Coming together with some common language has always been a way to communicate effectively…and it seems that words take on there own form as we use them …hence  the word “TRANSCENDENCE”…I prefer to call it “TRANSENDANCE” or TRANS SEND DANCE…meaning receiving and sending in dance…so what does that look like and feel like?…as I have experienced this movement of rising into these higher vibrations…it is definitely a dance…a place where we access higher levels of communication…where telepathy and clairvoyance hang out…and where our bodies remain very” LIGHT” or  “LYGHT”… where there is an awareness of transforming into the “light”… having  a sense of floating…yet “BEING” grounded on the earth plane.. no longer having to meditate for hours…it is a common stillness that comes from within..as we go through our every day life…accessing this moment in time as the dance unfolds…with oneness being our guide.. as each and every person brings us our messages… we are guided by the flow of our day…

This is a very awesome “TIME” or “TYME” as we no longer feel we are running out of “TIME”…starting to first feel longevity and then feeling “ETERNAL”…this is the place where we rest.. in ageless timeless eternal space..as there is no “time”…just our presence in this moment…which brings us such peace and serenity it feels like  mother GAIA is singing…all the animal kingdom..people.. places.. and things.. light up as the “SUN” from within us shines.. My first experience of this “light”” lyght” came to me when I had a near death experience as 4 years old..and feel greatFULL that we can rise into this way of BEING without leaving the physical body behind… just BEING grounded in this now..no longer living in the past or future …we transcend.

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