What is 5D?

IMG_0241IMG_0912Today is the beginning of everything new..as 5D calls us to look at the freshness… the newness of each moment. Our DNA and RNA have changed into this multi-vibrational “BEING”..as it talks to us through our instincts and our clairvoyant freshness…one where darkness is a whisper in the night… this is where Karma no longer exists..and the moment creates a new reality with each breath..as many ask the question..have I done enough?..or have I  been good enough?… this is no longer necessary…as Karma is but a faint whisper…with no charge or energy on it…we no longer live in the past. What I want to say to all who have been wondering if we are returning to light “BEINGS”..the answer is we were always “LYGHT “or “LIGHT BEINGS”. There has been enough of us who paved the way for others to shine..allowing the grids of light to illuminate the earth.

As this “LYGHT” shines from all the open portals and holographic grids we transcend into this “5D ENERGY”…this requires us to focus on forgiveness and love “LAUVE” .. 5D vibration is the realization that we are “CREATOR”…we automatically find peace and serenity … no longer working “AT” anything.. yet we simply “ARE”..as our “EFFECTS” are simply that with which we “CAUSE”… our NEW DNA and RNA sees everything as a” MARACULOUS NEWNESS”…5D is the overlay on this earth plane with many choosing this vibrational path .. we create a calm presence and 3D is simply another vibration..as well as 4D’s Magic…conversations will  automatically go to the ones who want to hear our message.. that of “LAUVE” …and all else falls away.


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