5D New World Living…a New Vibration


This post finds me in present moment…being aware of transcending into the multidimensional realities of this moment…I say yes to the miraculous…being creator of my reality.. at cause ..seeking nothing…being light…my journey to this moment has been interesting to many…yet timeless and ageless…defining my mission in this life as one of experiencing all of life…I find peace and serenity…no longer seeking…yet receiving..and giving the messages that I receive to help with the bridge for so many who choose to rise up to 4D..5D and above…I am guided by so many who have come before…yet humbled by the  presence of these ascended Masters.. Archangel Michael.. Mother Mary are my guides and gatekeepers. I have come in alignment with the messages of these Masters and give my openness to there presence…as they flow through me.

We have reached an incredible time on this earth to experience the many vibrational energies that are the “LIGHT” which we are. All at this time have been given this incredible opportunity to “BE” the light.The fear and pain of the 3D world is no longer the only living breathing force of this planet we call “Gaia” or “life force”…we have individually..raised the vibration of the earth.. with enough light beings to live in 5D on this planet..unconditional oneness is our message…as “LAUVE”  being the vehicle. I have chosen to use the word LAUVE..as a messenger…being part of the present moment language.. writing a message daily is my goal and sharing from this” LIFE FORCE” I call the Sun…I say yes to sharing  this incredible BIRTH DAY of mankind as we collectively create a new reality…which many call the Golden Age…or bringing in the platinum ray.

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